First Post! So much work to do…

Welcome blogorites! (?)

This weekend I had my first ride(s) back after a lengthy bout of illness, nee manflu (but in all seriousness, have not been well!). Ive been in and out of sickness for around 2 months, and these rides ended a 14 day hiatus id taken to try and get better. This was on the back of my ‘silly season’ at work where from July to September most weekdays are 9am – 8pm, or later. Needless to say during this period the riding takes a backseat whilst I am ‘head down bum up’, and for the last 4 years the period has ended with me getting ill, and this year was no different, and one if the more nasty cases. But the flip side is that works starts to settle from October, and I get the opportunity to get some sun light, exercise and lose a bit of the weight Ive accrued over winter.

So I am seeing this weekend as my official return to a more active lifestyle.

Saturday was a 40km cruise to test my body. It was windy as heck, ie 15kph one way, 50kph the other. Whilst just cruising, I still pulled up a little sore, which didnt suprise me.

Sunday was a cruisey catchup ride with a group of mates. For shits and giggles we had a ‘dress like a hubbard’ theme, for which I won four gold stars with an eye piercingly bad, stark white francais des jeux kit. Finishing up for coffees at Monk Bhodi Dharma in St Kilda.

Basically, I have finished the weekend feeling pretty ruined after only riding an easy 100 odd kms. It has confirmed for me that I have an absolute truck load of work to do to get into shape for the Beat Cancer Tour. In current form, I do not think I would be able to finish a single stage without cramping and falling to pieces, let alone riding an entire pro tour race at a decent pace (did I mention the BCT has minimum speed goals for each stage, eek!?). But never fear, I have nearly four months to train, and plenty of motivation to raise money for David.

So, with the help of someone knowledgable mates, im going to write up a training program, and let the training begin!

The first stage will be to do a fitness test to establish a baseline (to gauge the improvements I will hopefully make!) and then straight in to base training, which are an athletes equivalent of the concrete foundations in a house.

Let the hard work begin!


2 thoughts on “First Post! So much work to do…

  1. Scott

    Nice work mate, you are a man of your word. How about when Cummquatt gets back we put you through the AIS power profile on his WattBike? It’s a great way to measure your progress.


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