Training Log

So today was the official start of my training!

A really enjoyable 84km ride along melbournes famous (maybe infamous) beach road, to
Patterson river return. Sunny and windy.

A link to my ride on Strava:

Dragged a group of guys back from mordialloc to st kilda in to a headwind, at least each of them thanked me afterwards!

Got home a bit tired and sore, ate plenty when I was out but still got the shakes afterwards
(low blood sugar im guessing).

It really hits home how much work ive got to do when I do one flat easy 84km ride and pull up sore.

The beat cancer tour will require huge days (day after day) with a stack of climbing. Im going to have to be clocking at least 15 hour weeks in the saddle for a consistent period of time to be able to build the endurance and strength required for this epic task.

Tonights a quiet night in, then out for more training tomorrow morning. Should be interesting to see how I go riding on tired legs.

Sidenote, SKCC crits start up tomorrow, im in no shape to participate but hope to drop by to enjoy a coffee from soul kitchen, catchup with friends, and just enjoy the atsmosphere at the best criteriums in Australia.


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