23rd October 2012

Tomorrow, 23rd October 2013, will mark one year since the passing of David.

Words can never truly express the sadness I feel, and I cannot even begin to imagine the ongoing pain that David’s family feels on this horrible anniversary, let alone on a daily basis.

It overwhelms me when I consider how many people must be affected by, or are close to someone with cancer.

So much pain, suffering & sadness inflicted on millions of people, and all of these negatives are the exact reason why I am so motivated to do something good. This horrible disease is not going to cure itself. It is going to take time, money, and the will of many people world-wide to cure cancer.

Doing the beat cancer tour is a real, tangible, step forward to support the right people working on the road to a cure.

If you have been affected or are close to someone who has been affected by cancer, I implore you to please support me on my epic physical to challenge to ride 865kms as I raise money in the name of David Michael Hall for the Cancer Council. It is a small step on a long long road, but a step in the right direction nevertheless.

There are other simple ways you can help and support me, such as sharing/retweeting some of my posts, following my blog, or even just posting a message of support. I have 100’s of long hard hours of training in front of me just to prepare for this the challenge, let alone actually accomplishing the feat!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I genuinely appreciate your support.

VALE David Hall. 19.01.1958 – 23.10.2012


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