Training Log

We have just come through what is traditionally a long weekend for most Victorians with the Tuesday being Melbourne Cup Day, commonly known as the “race that stops the nation”. The Monday is not a holiday, but the majority of people take it as one,  for those that dont get the Monday off, I feel for you!

Knowing how huge of a task the Beat Cancer Tour will be, ive really been trying to ramp up my training. I am going to need to be clocking a bare minimum of 10 – 12 hours a week in the saddle just to get the required fitness. It is a very tricky balance with work being very demanding, and also not wanting to short change on family time.

Over the weekend I was able to get in three rides, totaling around 310kms.

Saturday was a ride to the beautiful kinglake, including heading out not that far from Yea to a place called “Glenburn”. I saw my first non-roadkill wombat in a long time which was awesome. I even saw Happy Herb (see below) out on the road. This ride was around 140kms, and needless to say I was a little tired at the end.

Yeah  Happy Herb

Sunday I had limited time. Despite the wind and driving rain, I thought it would be best to use my time with a short race (if you cant afford the time, then increase the intensity). I raced at Glenvale, which is a Sunday criterium run by Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club. Conditions were shocking with strong wind blowing the race to pieces and I suffered for about 40 minutes before pulling the plug. Still, I figure some training is better than none. I was shocked when I got home to read a tweet that there had been a hold-up at that very place shortly after I left. It sounds as though the volunteers at the registration desk had been threatened with harm by someone wielding a hammer. A bizarre and concerning event.

Monday was a rest day to spend with my family which was lovely.

Tuesday I embarked on a huge ride with a group of friends from Warburton, up the Reefton Spur to finish at the top of Lake Mountain. Basically it is uphill  much the entire 60 odd kms to lake mountain, with total vertical ascent of around 2500meters for the ride, and in total around 120kms in distance. By the time I got to this ride I was pretty tired from the other rides, and it is a super a tough ride, but the thought of completing this huge task in David’s name is driving me on, honestly I feel the most motivated I think I ever have. It was an amazing day to be out, I really suffered in the last half an hour, but we made it back and I finished the weekend very tired, but satisfied with the amount of training I got in.

Lake Mountain  Start of Lake Mountain Reefton Spur Top of Lake Mountain

So now I am back at work, and my legs are absolutely toast. I’ll give myself a day or two to rest, and then straight back in to training!

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