Fundraising Update

So things seem to be slowly coming together.

A heartfelt thankyou to all of my sponsors so far, I truly appreciate your support. It is a serious challenge to raise $12,000, but I am confident that I can do it! This is my first ever proper fundraiser, and I think it will be just as challenging as the 100’s of hours of training that I need to do, but I will get there.

On the side I am also working on organising a raffle with some really impressive prizes, just wait until you see the cycling paraphernalia I have lined up! I am pretty excited about this, and have some solid support and wicked prizes being donated. Please keep an eye out for further information, it will be a corker.

If you can even spare a ten or twenty dollar donation I would be super appreciative, thats is only the cost of a solo trip to the movies, and its tax deductable!

But its not just dollars that will help, retweet a link to myblog, follow me, heck, even just a message of support on this site would be appreciated. Its a huge undertaking to complete this event (both the training and fundraising) on top of a demanding work schedule and with a family to care for, so I am appreciative of any support you can give, even just positive vibes you can send my way!

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