Training Log

No excitement to report on this front!

The rain last week made it a little more difficult, so during the week I ended up doing a couple of rides on an indoor trainer. Dull as dog sh*t, but good training.


The weather cleared up just in time for the weekend, which allowed a solid hill ride on Saturday which saw me ride out the dandenongs, and climb up to Olinda three different ways, the first up “The Devils Elbow” which is the front of the tourist road, the second up “The Wall” from Monbulk to Olinda, and the third was along the back of the Tourist Road back to Olinda for a third time. Obligatory scone stop required after the third climb to refuel, then home to the family.


At the top I bumped in to all round nice guy Duncan Smith who told me he had managed to wangle a couple of signed cycle jerseys from some very well known pro’s (who for example ride the tour, and have even won a stage or two in it!) which I plan to use for more fundraising via a raffle. So good news, but more on the raffle later.


If I tend to have less time, I will try and fit in something a little more intense, so with only a handful of hours available on Sunday morning, I headed down to the St Kilda Cycle Club sunday Criterium which run on a circuit right next to Montague Street. A pretty hectic hour of racing. I saw some poor bloke in another grade had binned-it quite badly and face planted the tarmac at speed, ambulance called and off to the hospital, never good to see and glad to hear he is ok, and nothing broken. I saw this with only 10 minutes to go in the race, and to say it took the excitement out of the race was an understatement. I ended up just rolling around near the back of the group to stay out of trouble. One we hit the final part of the race, riders were starting to ‘stick out their elbows’ and push/shove at 50kph for a good place, I decided that was enough for me, its not worth crashing for the sake of $20 at a local club race! Anyway, a solid ride.

All in all, my training has been ok thus far, but I really need to ramp things up. Work is backing off now and hopefully the weather can stay ride friendly, as I really need to be clocking 350 – 400kms a week for the most part of December in order to build up the required endurance for the Beat Cancer Tour. So far I have been averaging about 250kms a week.

I find that having an event lined up can really motivate me to stay on top of training, so in a fortnight I will be heading to beautiful Bright to participate in the “tour of bright”. This is likely one of the hardest stage races for a club riders in Australia, and it sees the final stage ascend the gargantuan Mount Hotham, which for a reasonable cyclist takes 1.5 hours! I am no where near competitive in this event (the standard of riders is ridiculous!) but I figured its a good reason for a weekend away, and will ensure I stay motivated to train.

Thanks for reading!


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