Training Log – Sodden wet, broken wheels & monster pot holes.

Thanks for checking in!

Things have been ticking along well, I have been consistently logging about 6 – 7 hours a week. To be honest, this is still short of what I need to be doing, but I hope that coming in to December I can really start to ramp up the training.

The last week training went as follows:

  • Monday, I was able to get out for an hour ride after work.
  • Wednesday – Got up at 5:20am to get in a quick 40kms before work out to Mitcham and back.
  • Thursday – Headed out after work for a bunch ride which heads around the suburban hills of Doncaster, Templestowe and Heidelberg. Ended up hitting a monster pot hole (see below) which flatted by front wheel, bent my back wheel, bent my handle bars, and damaged my rear derailleur. Luckily I didn’t crash, the two riders directly in front of me went down, but were ok (mainly just loss of skin). See below the pot hole, seriously this was big enough to break the suspension on a car. I have reported to Vic Roads asking that they arrange repairs.

Monster Pot Hole

  • Saturday – Headed up to the dandenongs with some friends, and got absolutely soaked. You know when you are that wet that you can take off your shoes, and literally pour the water out. Surprisingly still had a great ride, don’t mind getting drenched, its just having to clean everything afterwards! Below are a couple of shots from the dandenongs, it was far wetter than the pictures show!


  • Sunday – It rained most of the day, and I didn’t feel like two soaked days in a row, so spent my day with the family (taking the bubba for a swim!). Tried getting on my indoor trainer in the pm, but felt pretty low on motivation.

My knees and hips tend to tighten up heaps when I ride more, so on Monday went to the physio for a full deep tissue massage. It is one of the more painful treatments you can have done, having elbows driven in to your quaddies, but is important to get everything limber and prevent injuries.

On Thursday I am heading up to Bright to complete my fourth Tour of Bright. This is a huge stage race on a club cyclists calendar. The standard of competition is extremely high, I am not in “race shape” so am just hoping for a mid field finish and just using the event as general training for the Beat Cancer Tour. Three stages over Friday, Saturday & Sunday will see us race from bright all the way up Mount Hotham, which takes around 1:30 to ascend for a good cyclist. The below shows one of the final sections of the climb that riders hit after racing for around two hours.


Tonight im doing some unintentional carb loading with a work Christmas party in at the 89th floor of eureka, should be a corker!


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