Training Log – Tour Of Bright (and some reflecting)

It can be hard to find the motivation day after day to get out on the bike. For any endurance sport, the key to training is consistency. So to try and stay on top of things and have an event to aim for, I entered a well known club race called the Tour of Bright. I’m not racing fit, but getting some consistent riding for several consecutive days is exactly what I need.

Based out of Bright in north east Victoria, it is a three day tour which consists of three stages:

Stage 1 – Individual Time Trial 20kms.
Stage 2 – Road race of around 110kms ‘gaps loop’ with two large climbs.
Stage 3 – Road race of 55km, from Bright up the epic 30km Mount Hotham climb.

Bright is my favorite place in the whole world. Snow in winter, riding in summer, amazing colours in autumn, and fresh and green in spring. If you live in victoria and have never been, well get off your bum and go! We hired a house with some friends, and outside of the bike race, had an absolutely amazing weekend. The house was buzzing with energy, we ate about 20kgs of pasta, and our 7 month year old was an angel (and received many hugs as a reward!). Some pics below to give you an idea of the weekend..







I was stoked with my ride, it was bloody hard, but its not meant to be easy. Most cyclists in this event are very committed, I would guess the average training time across the board would be 12-15 hours a week, where as I (with work, family etc) clock about 6 hours a week. So to end up in the mix was really satisfying. Needless to say I am confident I wrung every ounce of power I could out of my legs, my average heart rate on the last climb on stage 2 being 191bpm for 30 minutes with a peak of 202bpm. I believe the below photo accurately depicts how I felt at the time. One might say, “In the box”.


I have pulled up pretty sore today, mainly my legs, neck, and sit bones (sounds better than bum!), but that’s to be expected. It is pretty scary that this event only equated to around 200kms in 3 days, and for the beat cancer tour I need to ride 865kms in 7 days (!!).

So the weekend was a really big win for me in all regards, but the best part was getting in some really good quality family and friends time. Some people get so caught up in certain parts of their life that they miss the best part. Yep the event was fun, but the company was better! Being in this frame-of-mind greatly reminds me of David, who, out of his many fantastic attributes, was a committed family man who loved his wife and daughters, and clearly understood the true value of family. This selflessness and dedication to family sadly seeming a rarer trait these days, I only hope I can be half as good a partner and father as he was.



I will write a blog about fundraising later this week, but just briefly, I am so excited about how everything is coming together. The support that has been provided for Davids fundraiser has been astonishing. The extent of peoples generosity, kindness and support reflects greatly on how truly respected and liked David was.


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