Update – Head Down, Bum Up.

Sorry to everyone for being a quiet on the blog front.

Every year, work tends to have a little spike at the end of the year as various clients call-in to get things sorted-out before Christmas, this year has been no different. I need to thank all of my staff for their ongoing support, it has been extremely busy and much of the time we are all under the pump, I could not do it without you.

Additional to this, I had some other big things (not bloggable!) come up that have required all of my time and energy, it has been very draining but ive made it through. In between all of this I have been doing my best to keep the training as high as possible, but its still not quite enough, currently about 8 hours ‘in the saddle’ a week! I have continued to pursue fundraising avenues and have more sources to chase. On top of this I hope to launch the raffle this weekend, its been a long time in waiting, but there are only so many hours in the day!

Outside of all of these endeavours, I need to make sure I am not depriving my beautiful wife and 7 month year old daughter of my time. I am extremely lucky to be married to the most patient and understanding person in the world, so when I return red faced from chasing wild geese through the country side, my wife is always there supporting me, no matter how grumpy or stressed I am.

Ive got to admit, this has been the busiest time of my life, but I am very proud of how everything is going.

To everyone out there reading this blog, thank you for your support. Every time I see someone has visited the site to have a read it gives me a huge pick-me-up, the most satisfying part is that the most popular page on this blog is the “About David” page.

There is still just over a month to go until the big event, and I am super motivated to push on with fundraising, and spreading David’s story. As at this very moment, $11,400 has been raised in David’s name for the Cancer Council. I have said it once, and I will say it again, if this money can just help 1 person with cancer, it has all been worth it.

I want to finish on a very simple note. One of my clearest memories of David is a very simple thing. He was a big fan of a cup of tea. I have fond memories of sitting around the Hall family dining table in Murrumbeena with a good cup of tea, just shooting the breeze. Such a simple thing.

David, I know you are looking down on us and can see the amazing support that all of these wonderful people are giving in your memory. You are dearly missed every day, and wil not be forgotten.



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