Guest Post – Erinn

When I started this process, one of the important factors in my mind was that I wanted to create something that would preserve a small amount of David, online for future generations. Whether it is some of David’s grandchildren, other relatives or decendants searching, when they type in the words “David Michael Hall” I hope this blog will come up as a search result, providing a small time capsule for the future.

Recently I spoke with Davids third daughter Erinn about writing something for me to post on this blog so you the reader can get another insight and to create another little snippet about David for futures sake.

Very kindly she has put something together which you will find below, Thank you again to Erinn, and thank you for reading.


To begin, I want to say how horrible and terrifying cancer is. I did not really know too much about it before Dad was diagnosed – I knew it killed many people and that the treatment available was quite horrible, but that’s it. Until the day Dad found out he had cancer – from then it was a bit like an avalanche – everything crashing down on us. None of us knew what to do – we just put all our hope and faith in the doctors, surgeons and experts Dad was seeing.

I watched my Dad slowly and painfully die from cancer – the disease that sucked the life out of him. 
I can’t begin to describe how amazing my Dad was – so incredibly smart and talented – he could do absolutely anything – yet was so humble, he never gave himself any credit. 
He was such a generous and honest man – always worried about other people and completely selfless.
He would do anything for my Mum, Sisters and Me – you did not have to ask, he would just do it. 
I have so many amazing memories of my Dad – birthdays, camping trips, going to my Granddads farm in Bendigo, the most amazing Christmases you could imagine, and us having screaming matches whilst he was trying to teach me to drive! 
I will never know another man like my Dad – he was one of a kind – I am so lucky and grateful to have known him and so privileged to have had him as my Dad.
It’s such a strange feeling to know that life goes on without him here, but I know he is somewhere better, and I know he will be right beside Deryck thinking he is a little crazy for riding so far – but so happy and appreciative that Deryck is doing it in his memory. 
On behalf of Dad, I’d like to thank everyone following this blog and to everyone who has provided a donation – thank you for doing this in Dads memory, it’s going to be hard but you can do it!
Erinn Hall.

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