Every day as if its your last..

I realise this blog isnt about me, It is about David, and it is about fundraising for the Cancer Council, but after a very tiring and tumultous 24 hours, I thought I would share.

Tuesday started like any other day, in to work. It is quieter now that most people are on holidays, giving  a good opportuntity for me to catch up. After heaps of toil, time, and help of some generous donors, I proudly launched the Promise To Pedal Raffle on Tuesday morning, Lots of great prizes up for grabs, but I will blog about this later!

Finished work, and decided to shoot over to Sandown Raceway to get some much needed training kms in in prep for thecBeat Cancer Tour. Sandown is where Carnegie Caulfield Cycling Club run Tuesday night races. Had a great night, legs felt good for the first time since February, and it was a beautiful night. Even got a nice photo of me in a break away! See below (second rider)


Had a pleasant roll home, and my very awesome wife had a postrace feast ready for me to devour on my return.

But something was up. Flic (my wife) seemed in some discomfort. She said it must just be “trapped wind”, but the way she was moving and holding herself it seemed more than this. I was more than happy if it was just ‘wind’, but for the fact on thursday night I was flying to the gold coast to see my brother, and Flic and my daughter were to fly and meet me two days later on Saturday morning made me eneasy. I did not want to go away with any doubt, so following much pestering from me, convinced wifey to telephone “GP on call”.

She made the call at around 9:20pm, and was immediately told that she should see a doctor. We were referred to an emergency medical clinic which closed at 10pm about 15 minutes away. So loaded our daughter up, and shot off to the clinic.

Our worries that we would miss “final call” at the clinic were extinguished when we luckily were given the last spot with the doctor for the night. Some quick abdominal probing by the doctor showed that this was likely more serious than a case of wind, and advised that we should immediately head to hospital.

Without hesitation, I bundled the family up and shot over to Cabrini in Malvern, which also happens to be where we had our daughter in April this year. By chance we had actually been to emergency on two prior occasions this year with other serious pregnancy based complications, but that’s a story for another day!

By the time we hit emergency, it was around 10:40pm, completed the required paperwork, and had flic in a bed waiting for a doctor from around 11:10pm. The Doctor came through around 11:20pm, and after some more painful probing (with wife wincing in agony), the doctor suggested it likely to be appendicitis. Some time later an ultrasound was organised, and by around 1:00am, it had been confirmed that it was appendicitis, and surgery was required.

We agreed that I should take the bubba home to get some sleep, and would return in the morning.

There is such a strange uncomfortable feeling that accompanies you when you receive news like this. Yes, I realise that removal of appendix is a common task, however it is not without its own serious risks, furthermore wifey has a heart condition which makes these kinds of processes just a little scarier for us.

Many kisses and hugs were had, and after looking back only about 8 times, we left mummy at hospital to get home for some rest.

As I was driving home i realised that this would be the first ever night that our daughter had spent a night apart from her mother.

Arrived home, and put baby down for sleep at 1:45am. I went to bed at around 2:10pm.

3am, awakened by highly distressed daughter crying. Rushed in, and comforting her to the best of my bearded abilities, but I could not calm her down. I did not recognise the exact sound of this cry, but did notice some teething tell tales (pulling on her ear), but there was a difference, our 7 month year old daughter very strikingly and painfully was crying out “muuuuummmmmmmyy” “muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmyy”in between these horrible sad cries. To frame this, she cannot yet talk, and only just days before started sounding out mamammama and daadadadadad.

This made me feel so devasted on such a deep level, simply and utterly heart wrenching. How on earth could I ever do this without the support of my beautiful wife. I cannot even calm our baby from crying.. a task that my amazing wife does many times a day.

The crying went on for what felt like a very long time, just when I thought I calmed her, she would set off again (sorry neighbours downstairs). Finally just before 5am she stopped crying, nothing to do with my parenting skills, I just think she was worn out and tired.

For me it was a very unsettling evening. I have never minded the cries of our baby (and still dont), but the stark realisation of being alone as a parent was horrifying. My wife is my strength and my rock, she is always there, ever patient, puts up with my annoying idiosycracies and bad jokes. She is the most patient and kind person I have ever met in my entire life. Until this moment I had never even considered what my life might be like without my wife, but now it was plainly obvious to me, without my beautiful wife, I would feel empty, sad and alone.

Whilst this statement seems overly dramatised, I need to point I that after being blindsided and rushing around, I had then dealt with my poor traumatised and crying daughter who was separated from her mum for the first time every, and myself had virtually nil sleep whist wrestling with huge amounts of worry for my wife.

This post is getting a bit long, so ill try and wrap it up.

Bubs woke up at her regular time (6:30am) seemingly oblivious to the trainsmash of an evening we just had. I calculate I had around 2 hours of sleep. She was smiling and happy and ready to start the day anew (I think we can all take a lesson from this!). I made sure I sms’d wifey a morning photo of bubs to keep her spirits up.

Spent the day running to and from the hospital, and can report that surgery occurred today and we have been told all went well. I was allowed a brief visit tonight around 8pm, at which point wifey was utterly off her face with the drugs the administered during the surgery. Unsure if she’ll remember me visiting!

Our flights to QLD have been cancelled, and now we will deal with the recovery period, Flic is very upset at being stuck in the hospital away from her daughter, and equally upset she is unable to visit her family for christmas (which would have been our first big trip as a family of three).

It has been a rollercoaster of a 24 hour period, and as I write this im pretty foggy in the head due to the lack of sleep. To that point, sorry if the post is disjointed or badly (read, worse than normal) written.

If I can take anything out of this, it is confirmation to love your life and love your wife (as applicable!). Appreciate those around you. Hug your loved ones every day, and tell them you love them. Dont ever leave for the day feeling “sore” at each other, as you never know what is around the corner.

Thanks for reading my blog, and sorry this is off on a bit of a tangent, it has been a real rollercoaster!

I can hear the baby stirring, so its time to give her a cuddles and a feed!

Over and out!


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