Update – 52 Pick-Up

Hi everyone, thankyou for checking in, and apologies it has been a while.

You may have gathered from my last post I was a little emotional (yes, I know, an understatement!). Whenever you are dealing with a loved one being ill it can be hard and intimidating. This all came at a time where in my mind I hope it will be the easiest time of the whole year, work supposed to fade away, get some quiet-time to recoup, ride my bike more, hang out with family. But alas december has been the opposite on all fronts.

But, I am happy to report ive finally turned the corner. Wifeys surgery went well, and she has been recovering quickly. I had my last time in the office for work today (a big woohoo for this one!), and after cancelling our flights, we have re booked tickets to visit family, and it looks like we will make it in time for xmas!

So the blog title felt quite appropriate, someone had thrown my deck on the floor, and now all the cards are being picked up. At least they didnt play ‘smell the cheese’. But, enough about my melodramatic self.

I launched the ‘promise to pedal raffle’ this week, and have just tonight sold my 50th ticket (!!!). This makes another $850 raised. My only dissapointment is that paypal charge fees on every inbound payment, I was not aware of this when setting it up (always read the fine print!).  Whilst only a nominal small percentage, I would prefer every dollar is saved. To this end, I have written to paypal asking if they would reduce or waive their fees on the basis funds are 100% not for profit, but, after two emails, got a big fat no. Ah well  worth a try! I am hoping I can at least sell another 50 tickets before the draw. The prizes are top shelf, to be honest id like to keep them all myself if I could! If you know anyone who might be interested please retweet or share the raffle blogsite. The whole fundraising thing revolves around people helping me share the message through social media, and I sincerely appreciate any help I can get.

Whilst I dont expect it will stay that way with some big corporate types lurking, out of the 10 people taking part in the beat cancer tour I have been the leading fundraiser from day one, and it is all thanks to everyone reading this blog. Many friends and family of David have donated, but we have also had plenty of people who do not know David come through with very generous donations,  throwing their support behind the cause. I am so proud to have been part of this, and witness the love and support given by people from all walks of life, truly inspirational.

On a purely personal level, this has been an amazing life experience, and I hope David is proud of what we have all been able to achieve in his name. By the time I write this, fundraising (inc raffle monies) is somewhere around $13,500.00. (!) And whilst the tail end is always harder, ive still got around three weeks and will continue to give it a red hot go.

The only area that I havent been as succesful in, is training. I said at the start that its all about consistency, and unfortunately in this regard ive consistently not been doing enough. At the end of the day, there are only 7 days in a week, and 24 hours in a day, and ive honestly been doing as much of everything as I can, but still falling short. An example is the only time I seem to get to write these blogs is between 11pm and 1am once the family is in bed (its midnight now!). But, I am a very determined person, so this just means whilst I mightnt be as fit as some riders, I will instead have to be reach in to my ‘suitcase of courage’ from day one, and will be pushing my body to its absolute limits. I am going to see if I can get in some big kms in the next fortnight,  but the reality is the tour is just over 3 weeks away, and ive been doing about half of my goal training kms. It is simply too late to ‘get fit’. Many of my cyclist friends will know the term, and it is where ill be spending the entire beat cancer tour… ‘in the box.’

Thanks for reading.



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