Winding Down

So following all of the dramas, we finally made it away to see wifeys family in Noosa. Wifey is recovering well.

It was a pretty full on year, apologies if ive been quiet on this front, but I just wanted some quiet down time.

Ive been able to get in a great week of riding to prep the legs for the tour. So ive ridden 480kms, which might just about be the biggest week ive ever had, and it has been great. Suprisingly the legs still feel pretty good! There are endless quiet country roads through the most beautiful scenery youve ever seen. The cycling scene in noosa is very strong, and with the exception of two or three agro locals, everyone has been very welcoming.

Ive been up at 5:10am every morning, so home early to spend the day with the family, my daughter is loving swims in nannys pool!

Some photos of my time around the sunny coast..





As-at today ive raised $1000 in raffle tickets, and had another couple of donations which sees funds passing $14k. So exciting.

Hoping everyone had a great xmas, and a safe new year. Ill see you on the road in 2014!


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