Update on all fronts – Furnace Melburn

Well, today it is Wednesday 15th January 2014, and I fly out this Saturday 18th January.

The final raffle tickets have been dispatched, and I am excited to announce that the ‘promise to pedal raffle’ has raised $2,000!! Once I arrange for the funds transfer, this will take total funds raised to $15,608. I know there are still a couple of donations coming through, so it is looking like I will hopefully crack the magical $16,000.00 raised on behalf of David, for the Cancer Council.

I am drawing the raffle this Friday night, on the eve of my departure for Adelaide. Good luck to all those who have entered, and once again, a very sincere thank you for your support.

What an absolutely amazing result and huge success. I feel proud and elated with what has been achieved from a fundraising perspective, but I need to remind myself that there is a huge physical challenge around the corner.

The ride is going to be extremely challenging, and a good test of my gumption and personality.  I am very excited about tackling the full Tour Down Under course, backing up huge rides, day after day will be interesting, as I have never really completed endurance riding before. Im preparing myself for sore muscles, cramps, and saddle sores. Constant media reports are telling us that this years TDU course will be the hardest in the events history, and I cant help but be daunted by this.

At the same time, I know that I have the support of so many amazing people, some who know me well, and some who do not, all the while with David encouraging me up every hill on the horizon. Yes it will be bloody hard, but I can do this.

For those interested to see how I am going, I will be doing my best to put up a post every day to report-in on how the ride is going.

Anyone reading from the southern parts of Australia will know how absolutely horrific the current weather is, I am just glad the event is not this week. Honestly I can push my body hard, but riding every day with temps of 42 – 45 would put many people in hospital! There is a cool change forecast for Saturday morning, which should see the temps stabilize to a more reasonably 25 – 35,

Here we go!



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