Raffle Draw

Tonight at Bike Gallery, the draw was held for the promise to pedal raffle.

After the shocking weather we have been having in Melbourne I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up, but was very pleasantly surprised with a solid turnout!

There were a mixed bag of winners, some who had bought many tickets, and others who had bought few. The draw was undertaken at random, by drawing tickets out of a box, all 126 tickets being of equal size, Lincoln of BG lending a hand to draw out the lucky winners.

Winners of the major prizes were:

Simon Gerrans Jersey – David Gearing

O’Nev Print – Michael Andrews

Lisa Coutts Artwork – David Gearing (thats right, two major prizes!!)

Winners of the minor prizes were:

Winners Nutrition Bars (6 X 6 bars) – Angus Thomson, Timothy Scarborough, Scott Hunter, Jeremy Newland, Ryan Cannon, Martyn Taylor.

Winners Nutrition Gels (4 X 4) Tracey Maney, Jeremy Newland, Ginetta Chiodo, Brett Jarvis.

CPJCo Juice Cleanses (2) – Brett Jarvis, Scott Hunter.

Fiasco Ciclismo Socks (3) – Ben Keating, Ryan Cannon, Ernesto Arriagada.

Travelo Hire (1) – Ben Keating

A’qto T-Shirts (2) – Ernesto Arrigada, Tracey Maney.

I will arrange delivery of prizes on my return from South Australia.

Again, HUGE thanks for all sponsors for the raffle.

Special thanks to two sponsors, Lisa Coutts & Anna Thomson (Travelo) for coming out of the draw. Check out Lisa’s artwork and buy some! If you are a cyclist intending to travel, checkout Annas website where you can hire good quality bike bags for travel.

Sincere thanks to Lincoln and Cam from Bike Gallery who not only hosted, but at the end of the draw decided to throw in a bonus prize of a new kask helmet for those who made the effort to attend the draw. That prize going to Ernie Arriagada.

Finally, thanks to all those who made the effort to come out for the draw & for the well wishes. Now to finish packing my bags! (I fly out to Adelaide tomorrow!)




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