The journey begins

So I have flown in to adelaide, and met the team.

The whole idea with this challenge is to find out if a regular hack rider can endure a full pro tour race.. well I am about to find out!

Having put so much time in to fundraising and the blog, I feel like I am a long way down the road on this journey, whilst I am about to embark on the tour. For me the ride is a perfect way to punctuate what has been a very rewarding and cathartic process.

The trip has started very well, sharing a cab ride with a pro (Cam Wurf) to the hotel. We checked in and were given our team uniform, and had a briefing to explain how the days will roll, safety, proceedures, so on and so forth. It was a bit funny that many people seemed to know me, and congratulated me on the blog, the cancer council stafv were extremely warm and welcoming.  It was also great to get confirmation for me that my message about David has reached so many people.

This event, being directly connected to the tour down under required us to attend the team presentations this afternoon at victoria square in the middle of adelaide. A little embarrassing being introduced before all of the pros, with the public all sitting there, but it gives the event great coverage for what we are trying to achieve for the cancer council. The crowd gave as a huge cheer on the stage, which was really great.

Adelaide is absolutely buzzing, and as I write from my hotel room this I can hear the crowd cheering as more teams and riders are introduced down in the square below.

There is a big air of anticipation before we start the tour. I cannot wait to get out on the road to slog it out. It’ll be bloody hard, but I relish a challenge!

All the while, I have David in the front of my mind.

Tomorrow would have been his 56th birthday.

Bev, Nicole, Camille, Erinn, Jasmine and Ash will be releasing Davids ashes tomorrow. It seems so poignant that I start this journey on the very same day, it almost seems like this was all meant to be.

David, from me, happy birthday, I hope I do you proud.


The view from my hotel room, there be the hills!


The team queuing up for team presentation


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