Happy Bday David

He would have been 56 years old today. Rest in peace David.



Today was an easy warm-up for what is to come. Get to know team mates, and learn how things roll on the road.

There is much that happens behind the scenes to ensure that all 16 riders are safe. We have a lead car and a follow car, and within the bunch several support riders who do their best to keep us safe, the support staff are all connected via two way radios.

Today we had an easy flat 68km ride out to outer harbour, then back to Glenelg for lunch.  It was a great ride, very cruisey and social, getting the chance for a good chat with lots of other riders, many of which it seems have epic storys. Michael Long is recovering from a horrific accident where he was hit by a car riding at 70kph (breaking his back in four places, needing a halo and with bleeding on the brain), Fee who just over a year ago had uterine cancer requiring immediate surgery (and is now cancer free), Michael Owen who had cancer just over a year ago and is now flying on his bike (for the cyclists out there, 800-1000kms a week, and an ftp of 392!) who is working towards a goal of riding Mt Cootha in qld 50 times (20,000 vertical meters!), Macca who only recently discovered he had a benign brain tumour which causes seizures. The list goes on.

It just blows me away what many of these amazing people have been through, and to come out the otherside, stronger than before and with a new lease on life is testament to their strength and determination and a true source of inspiration. I dont have any epic stories to tellm and feel humbled to be involved with such a great group of people.

This evening the pros had a small intro race called the Cancer Council Classic, which is a short course race around the northern edge of the cbd, near the zoo on the banks of the river torrens. There was a mens and womens race.

To help get the message and awareness out about the beat cancer tour, we did a handful of laps of the course before the race. So we all kitted up in team uniform and rolled around, the crowd were very supportive which was great.

Tomorrow is a rest day for the pros. We will get our first taste of the hills, but the first real hard day will be tuesdsy.  In the afternoon we will visit the Cancer Council Lodge which houses people who have come for cancer treatment and need somewhere welcoming and supportive to stay.

Some pics of the day.


First team ride!


Support car on the road


On the start of the Cancer Council Classic




Some goss for the cycling fans.. The inside word is that the big gc contenders are going to smash the last climb (menglers hill) of stage 1, red lining before the climb and preventing a sprinter from wearing ochre. I wouldn’t have expected major digs stage one, but hold on to your hats.

I however, will be like a snail up that same hill, for me it is all about survival!


2 thoughts on “Happy Bday David

  1. Erinn Hall

    Fantastic post Deryck! Thanks for keeping us all up to date! For anyone intersted, on Dads 56th Birthday – at 4.00am – we spread Dads ashes at one of his favourite places (we had to do it so early as we did not have a permit – something Dad would not approve of!) which also happens to be across the road from Bunnings – his second favourite place to go! I am sure he is riding right beside you Deryck! Good luck, we are all behind you!!


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