Up to lofty heights

Today we had our last easy ride before the official tour starts tomorrow.

We rolled up greenhill road to Mt Lofty where there are amazing views of adelaide. The climb is challenging, and took just under half an hour. It was interesting to test the legs, and I was a little concerned that the legs were a bit sore after what was only a 50km ride (harden up princess!).


Mount lofty

We descended back down the mountain, to visit one of the major sponsors of the tour, bike society.


Bike Society

A basic lunch, some free time, and then we all jumped in a minibus to go and visit the Cancer Council, as well as the lodges that the CC provide to house people and families receiving treatment like radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

It was great to see behind the scenes, and really remind us all that whilst we think our bike ride will be hard, it is truly nothing, and we are all lucky that we have our health.


The team


Cancer council lodge




So tomorrow everything kicks off, with a 135km stage to Angaston. I am excited and intimidated, but cant wait to meet this challenge head on!


Again, sincere thanks to all those people who have supported me and donated. I am still the highest fundraiser, and together we have made a real difference! 🙂


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