Stage 1 – Nurioopta to Angaston.

So I rolled up to the startline this morning, resplendent in the Ochre jersey I wear for David. Excited that our true challenge is about to commence. A 5am start got us in the bus and out to the startline. 

I was glad that, seeing as I was starting on the front of our 135km journey, we had  strong tailwind for the first stretch of road. Im sure David had a word to the big man upstairs and sorted this out for me, cheers for that David!


On the start line in Nurioopta.

Today is the easiest of the six stages, but it still was by no means easy. We were buffeted by firm cross winds all day in the open valleys of the Barossa, and the roads had plenty of rolling hills (nearly 2kms of vertical climbing).

The team rode together really well, and tye support staff were our angels out on the road.

We are getting huge cheers from spectators on the side of the road, and it seems that day by day more and more people are recognizing us, which also means the message is getting out there about what we are trying to achieve.

We have a small bonus that we can pass our empty bidons (bottles) to people in the crowd to keep as souvenirs, and I was enjoying getting them out to some young kids on the course.

I was stoked to be able to lead the team over the finish line in angaston.  As we arrived only a short while before the pros, there was a huge crowd lining the finishing straight as we came through, cheering and hitting the side boards (which makes a thundering noise). One of the support riders (Nugget) gave me a gentle nudge forward as i approached  the finishline, which moved me forward in front of the team.

I am writing this from the mini bus as we drive back to adelaide.  The legs are a bit sore, but thats to he expected.

Tomorrows course is around Stirling, and its one of the hardest of the tour. So a big dinner and an early night.

Thanks for reading, and for the messages of support.






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