Stage 3 – Norwood to Campbelltown

Things have been going very well. The stages are flying by, and (touch wood) everything has been going our way so far.

Todays official stage distance was 145km, but like most days, there were some extra kms getting to the start, and then home, making the day 170kms with 2100 meters of climbing.

The fatigue is really starting to rack up, im even noticing that I am walking far slower than normal, and when I called my wifey tonight she commented on how tired I sound, but I shouldn’t be suprised, having racked up 620kms since I arrived in SA. My previous weekly distance record was 470km, I have already smashed that, with 541kms since monday, and two huge stages (and one small one) to go.

I did find today quite challenging, my neck shoulders and back aching, and everything in general hurting, but I expected this to be the case. It was also hot today,  which adds to the challenge, but we are all thankful it isnt 45 degrees!

Again I played ‘domestique’ duties early on, helping some riders up the early climbs where I could, but I also had to be wary of burning too many matches. I am eating and drinking as much as my body will let me (so many bars and gels!) as I am concerned I am getting to the point where my body is starting to object to the daily abuse!

The most challenging part of our day was corkscrew hill, which is a sharp climb just off gorge road for those who know adelaide, 136kms in to the stage, nit that the run to this point was easy, with long (beautiful) rolling roads. Once again huge crowds, and similarly huge amounts of support from the general public. Channel 9 is currently showing the stages daily in tv, so for those watching, corkscrew hill is where today Cadel attacked and won the stage.

Tomorrow is a day that the general public can be involved in and ride, and I believe 7000 people have entered. The stage is 148km from Unley to Victor Harbour with 2100 meters of climbing, most of that climbing being at the start. As a result of the crowds, we are leaving super early (up at 4:15am) to beat the masses out on the road. Heading to the coast, there is a good chance it will be windy, and with firm southerlys, and riding south, we are destined for 148kms of headwinds.

I feel a sense of anticipation building as we head towards the penultimate stage, which is saturday around willunga hill. Today I was thinking of David out on the road, and how this huge journey started. It really occured to me that this isnt isnt just a fundraiser and ride in Davids name, but it is for his wife and daughters, extended family and friends. I sincerely hope this whole process can give everyone something positive to focus on.  I have had many people congratulate me on the fundraising, but those thanks should really be directed to all those people who have been supporting me along the way.

My legs and back are screaming at me to go to bed, so I think I will.

Thankyou for reading, and we will catch up again tomorrow!

Ps, apologies I must have pushed a button in my phone camera as some images have come out a bit weird!


Ready to roll


Gorge Road


Typical adelaide hills


Regrouping at the top of corkscrew




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