Stage 4 – Unley to Victor Harbour

I write this from the team bus as we roll back to Adelaide.

Todays fourth stage was also the mass partitipation stage, with the public chosing from 4 distances, and 7000 entrants.

To avoid the masses we left early, so up around 4am and on the road at 5:30am. When I got up, I felt horrid, heavy limbs, achy all over, and very tired. It had been raining over night, and when we rolled out it was dark, wet, warm and humid.

We rolled up the freeway climb, which was surprisingly long, and took around half an hour. We were very lucky to have a police escort up the freeway which was a fun experience.

I found that as the day went on, I went from feeling really bad, to slowly improving as the day went on  until by the emd I felt great.

We ended up being clocking something like 155kms (tbc), the team worked well, in fact I think it was our best ride as a team.

I am shattered so will end the post here, thank you for reading.

Nearly there!








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