Stage 5 – Mclarenvale to Willunga.

As I write this it is 12:30 on saturday night. I dont think ive the energy for a detailed post (sorry!), the physical fatigue is something, but the daily schedule outside of riding has also been quite relentless.

Today we rode as a true team. David was in my mind all day. Some riders were well and truly in the hurt box, so I tried to help as much as I could. Working on the front in to the wind, and physically pushing other riders up old willunga hill. I take my hat off to my team mates who pushed themselves to their limits, we all rode for different reasons,  and I have found my mind opened and refreshed after meeting many great people who have faced great adversity, and have come out on top.

Support out on the road was amazing, and it really feels like many of the spectators now see us coming and say ‘here comes the beat cancer team!’. I think that for a regular group of people to complete such an epic physical feat is a great source of inspiration. To be cheered by so many people was a real experience.

It was very windy all day, and due to the nature of the course, we copped the wind from every direction. Three laps to aldinga beach, and then two climbs of willunga.


Windy at Aldinga!

The ride up willunga hill was amazing, it was absolutely jam packed! A bit of an emotional day, but good friends in the bunch kept spirits high.


Old Willunga Hill finishing line.

I know I sound like a broken record, but again I want to thank everyone for their support for this worthy cause.

Tomorrow we do a brief lap around the city race course, we are hoping for some good support from the crowd. For the final stage the orche jersey has been awarded to Brayden, a 14 year old who over two years has raised a huge amount for the cancer council (i heard someone say $18,000). A very worthy wearer of the jersey for our final ride.

Since arriving in Adelaide, I have ridden 928kms, including 11,500 meters of vertical climbing. The distance astounds me, and I am very proud. To put the vertical climbing in perspective, Mt Everest is 8,848 meters from sea level.

A few more kms tomorrow to finish everything off. 1am, bed time for me!






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