Quest for David fulfilled.

I really didnt know what I would make as my last post.

The journey has come to an end, and I want to finish this blog on the right note. Not that dissimilar to when an author writes an amazing book, and then stuffs up the final chapter.

Ive been racking my brain, and then last night I received an email from my parents written by my Dad, and I found it quite touching. Dad has a rare gift with the written word, nothing learnt through formal education, just time and experience.

To frame the below, I never had the priveledge to meet my grandfather.


I have read your hurt and great loss and can only state you were lucky to know him.  You will find as you progress through your 80 to 90 years of life people you love and cherish will move to the other side of the curtain. Rejoice in the knowledge you knew them and from that time on you will without effort carry a small part of them in your soul.

Looking at you and reading your thoughts I was struck with how much like my father you are.  You look like him and you have the same quiet thoughtfulness of purpose. You like him are a very gentle person who’s word is their bond.  I am immensely pleased that my father lives in you  yet you are and indivual you are Deryck our much loved and valued son


2 thoughts on “Quest for David fulfilled.

  1. Belinda

    Deryck you should be very proud of what you have achieved. Your father sounds like a very wise man. Thank you again.


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