Beat Cancer Tour 2014

The charity event I have chosen to raise funds in David‘s name is the inaugural ‘Beat Cancer Tour’.


Essentially it will require me to ride nearly 900 hilly kilometers in one week in and around Adelaide, with over 11,000 meters of vertical climbing throughout the week. Now the biggest week I have ever had on my bicycle was 468kms with around 4000 meters of climbing, and that week bloody hurt. So the fact I need to pedal double my longest ever distance, with nearly 3 times the vertical climb, means I have indeed set myself a decent physical challenge! I am daunted by the ride, but hey, its not supposed to be a walk in the park! Out of everything, one of my biggest worries is the potential for a real south australian heat wave; it is not at all uncommon for Adelaide to have multiple days over 40 degrees. In 2008, Adelaide set the record for the hottest heatwave of any Australian capital city ever, with 11 days with an average over 35 degrees, including a night when the temperature did not drop under 30 degrees, and mutliple days which passed 40 degrees. It is already hard having to back up big days in the saddle, day after day, but if we do happen to experience this SA style summer, it will indeed make life and riding difficult!

The charity ride is being run in-tandem with the Tour Down Under, and essentially will require a group of regular people like myself, to ride the exact same course as the professional cyclists will be riding in the 2014 edition of the race (reported to be the most difficult parcours in the events history).

The event is set to raise funds for the Cancer Council – an organisation which has countless initiatives to help people/families fighting cancer, various support initiatives, and funding to help research in to treatments (and hopefully find a cure!). Most definately a worthy cause and recipient.

I am required (and rightly so!) to cover all of my own costs for this event, and the organiser has done a great job to organise all the support that we will need out on the road. The goal I have set myself is to raise $12,000.00 for the Cancer Council. In the past I have been part of some small charity initiatives, but never anything of this scope. It is daunting, but I am sure I can do it.

To be able to physically complete this ride, I will have to be training 300 – 400kms a week. My average over the past 6 months is around 100kms a week, so ive got some serious work to do. Its going to be tricky with my business requiring long days. More importantly I am a dedicated husband and father, and consider my wife and daughter the most importart part of my life. A point I would like to make, is that whilst I enjoy cycling, I have never let it completely dominate my life. Sure, I go through periods where I may ride more (ie training for an event), but it is never ok to let it dominate all aspects of your life. Over time, I have witnessed it ‘take over’ some people like a fully blown OCD style obsession, and whilst I love it and will always enjoy it, there are ultimately more important things in life, and it is never ok to let anyones cycling be to the detriment of family or friendships. Life is all about balance! (rant over)

Now, there is much work to be done!

I hope you can follow my journey, share Davids story, and help me to ‘beat cancer!’.


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